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Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt
VP of Product Strategy at hybris, Hybris

hybris helps businesses on every continent sell more goods, services and digital content through every touchpoint, channel and device. hybris delivers "OmniCommerce™": state-of-the-art master data management and unified commerce processes that give a business a single view of its customers, products and orders, and its customers a single view of the business. hybris' omni-channel software is built on a single platform, based on open standards, that is agile to support limitless innovation, efficient to drive the best TCO, and scalable and extensible to be the last commerce platform companies will ever need.

Latest blog posts

Shutl & Co. – a headache for traditional delivery companies but a great opportunity for retailers

I guess it’s one of these images that impacts on every Westerner who travels for the first time to Asia – a bicycle or motorbike overloaded with goods.

By Stefan Schmidt, VP of Product Strategy at hybris