New technology tackles issue of shopping cart abandonment

The solution to shopping cart abandonment has finally arrived, with the launch, by award-winning e-commerce platform, of the 'Checkout Booster'.

Yipiii's Checkout Booster technology tackles the issue of shopping cart abandonment head-on by giving people the chance to win all, or part of, their basket via a gamification element embedded in the transaction process.
Checkout Booster can be tailored so that even if the basket itself isn't won, another prize, such as a percentage discount off the shop or free sample, will be issued upon purchase, inciting the shopper to complete the transaction.
The exact prize offered by the Checkout Booster, and chances of winning it, are determined by the ecommerce provider in real time and can be adapted to the shopping habits and preferences of the customer, or the contents of the basket.
The timing of the Checkout Booster can also be tailored: it can be offered during or after the checkout process (reactivated by email in the case of the latter).
Again, the e-commerce provider is in complete control throughout and can adapt the prize strategy in real time in order to prevent cart abandonment.
Yipiii has already trialled the technology with a number of major retailers. In one email campaign, the opening rate of the email campaign increased by over 30% and the click-through rate by over 900%.
In another campaign, the Yipiii-driven email campaign resulted in a 34% increase in opening rates and a 30% increase in actual basket purchases.
Christoph Klingler, founder,, commented "Cart abandonment is one of the biggest headaches for ecommerce providers. Estimates vary but up to 70% of online transactions are abandoned at the checkout. Our Checkout Booster, which entertains shoppers and gives them tailor-made incentives to buy in real time, has been proven to help ecommerce providers get their customers across the line. Offering prizes that will only be redeemed once the transaction has been made is a powerful way to convince people to purchase their basket."