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New service launched to help small online businesses

New service launched to help small online businesses
Wednesday September 28 2011

Companies looking to boost the number of consumers who buy products online from them may benefit from a new marketing service being offered.

A recent survey by revealed that 79 per cent of respondents were not making full use of the various digital direct marketing channels available to them, with many feeling overwhelmed by the number of options.

As different consumers prefer to shop and browse through different channels, marketers are increasingly struggling to keep up with demand, the study revealed. has released a new version of their online marketing platform, which allows users to access a number of different channels, including email, Facebook and Twitter from a single login.

Chief executive officer Matt McNeill said they wanted to "make it easy for small businesses" to market their products."We've seen the opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers online grow dramatically in the last few years, but this has demanded more time and resources from marketers," he added

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