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Consumers shape brands through social media

Consumers shape brands through social media
Wednesday September 28 2011

Businesses are being reminded that the people who buy from them can have an active role in shaping their brand.

Tim Gibbon, director at communications consultancy Elemental, said that with the nature of social media, businesses are realising that their approach to creating content and strategies needs to adapt to suit the changes.

He explained that some companies need to make sure that they have the right approach to dealing with them or they could end up learning this the hard way.

"Realising that audiences are not only participants and creators - they play a much greater and involved role shaping the direction of the brand," Mr Gibbon added.

His comments follow on from research by the ONS, which showed that 77 per cent of households now have access to the internet, while 45 per cent of web users also have access to the net through their mobile phones

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