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PredictiveIntent launch supercharged PersonalSearch technology

PredictiveIntent launch supercharged PersonalSearch technology
Wednesday September 28 2011

Online retailers looking to maximise revenue from the rich behavioural data their visitors create can now benefit from PersonalSearch, a new supercharged behavioural onsite search solution from PredictiveIntent.

Used in conjunction with PersonalMerchant, the company’s ecommerce personalisation platform, PersonalSearch uses a range of individual visitor behaviours, crowd wisdom and a deep understanding of product catalogues to decide the most relevant search results for each visitor.

Fully transparent configuration means that retailers and agencies can use the core framework, algorithms and unlimited product/visitor filters to create an onsite search strategy that fits their visitors, customers and business – for example, a retailer might want to increase profit and therefore return relevant search results skewed by profit margin.

By mining individual behaviours, search results can be ordered by interests and preferences that visitors declare in their session, such as brand, colour, gender and more – adapting standard onsite search into a truly personalised experience.

Retailers can create unique onsite search strategies to improve conversions using different algorithms for all or part of their search results, including:

• product attribute matching – using the product catalogue details to match results
• fuzzy string matching – to catch miss-spells, sound-alikes and single/plural variations, and
• behaviour-driven result matching – using visitor preferences (for example brand and colours) to surface relevant results
Retailers can use all existing product information and don’t need to upload product catalogue datafeeds because of deep integration to ecommerce platforms, which allows PredictiveIntent’s technology to have a real-time view of all product details, including availability, updates and additions. Built in split testing allows the continual measurement of highly-configured PersonalSearch technology against basic and simple search logic, allowing for future refinement and optimisation.

“We’re fast becoming a disruptive force in the ecommerce personalisation market because of our technically superior platform, deeply integrated approach and more efficient pricing model" says Neil Hamilton, CEO & Co-Founder .

"PersonalSearch is a natural extension to our core framework and company vision, helping visitors easily find the products they want to buy quicker, whilst helping online retailers improve their conversion rates and revenue.”

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