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Friends, fiends and Facebook: a new front line in the war on social media scams

Friends, fiends and Facebook: a new front line in the war on social media scams
Wednesday October 5 2011

Scammers to add variety, precision to existing attacks after f8 changes

Bitdefender traces the front lines in the new battlefield against scammers on Facebook and teaches account holders to avoid the landmines of account theft, malware and more in a white paper released today.

The white paper draws on one year’s experience in studying and detecting social e-threats with Bitdefender Safego, which enables Bitdefender  to gauge the effectiveness of current scams and project future attack forms. Bitdefender Safego which protects more than 100,000 Facebook users from scams, is now celebrating its first year.

Friends, Fiends and Facebook: The New Battlefield Against Scammers examines the flurry of recent changes to Facebook and sees a likely future of bigger spam waves and heightened precision of targeted attacks. The research also details existing Facebook scams that are likely to survive the overhaul announced at the September f8 developer conference.

From password policy and private browsing to hijacking recovery, Friends, Fiends and Facebook sets out user guidelines to prevent or minimise scams that take advantage of increased openness on the new Facebook.

The white paper can be downloaded at

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