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ecommerce expo 2011 - Mobile accounts for 10% of ecommerce website visits

ecommerce expo 2011 - Mobile accounts for 10% of ecommerce website visits
Tuesday October 11 2011

Screen Pages has released a study on how e-commerce websites are used on mobile devices. The study shows that mobile devices now account for 10% of all traffics, but engagement levels and conversions are significantly lower at nearly half those on PCs

According to Screen Page’s analysis, 10% of the visits to websites are made through the mobile channel and Apple devices are mostly used in this case (for 81% of all mobile visits, as compared to 47% visits made from iPad and 35% from the iPhone. The study also reveals the fact that visitors using a mobile device usually view 17% fewer pages than the ones using a personal computer. Moreover, e-commerce conversion rates were 41% lower. Yet, average order values were higher.

According to Tim Leighton-Boyce, the e-commerce analyst at CX Focus, retailers should focus more on mobile internet, beginning with emails. He also stated that in the last two years the number of emails read on mobile devices for one business has increased from 4% to nearly 20%.

The importance of ensuring the websites’ functionality from mobile devices is another aspect revealed by this analysis.The study is based on a sample of 1.5 million visits on a number of 30 website which were not destined to mobile use.

“The commercial message here is clear”, says Roger Willcocks, director of Screen Pages: “If mobiles are 10% of your business and conversions are 40% lower, on a site with 10,000 visits per day with a conversion ratio of 3% and an average order value of £50, mobile usage can represent a loss in revenue of over £300,000.”

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