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The Logic Group Partners with PayPal

The Logic Group Partners with PayPal
Tuesday October 11 2011

New partnership allows shoppers to buy online without sharing their financial information with merchants.

The PayPal integrated service offers end users choice and flexibility when it comes to selecting a payment method; transactions can still be completed by debit or credit card, or through PayPal, funded directly via their bank account or existing PayPal balance.

Customers need only enter their email address and password, rather than account details, card expiry date and address.  Furthermore, users with an existing PayPal balance are more inclined to purchase on impulse, viewing these funds as ‘online spending money’.

John Varco, Senior Manager Business Development at PayPal said: “PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online.  For consumers there are no monthly fees, or lengthy commitments.  We are delighted to have linked up with The Logic Group, enabling consumers to shop without ever having to retype or share their financial information.  With PayPal, retailers can sell their goods to the tens of millions of proven online shoppers that prefer PayPal, often seeing a reduction in shopping cart abandonment, therefore further increasing sales conversion.”

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