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ecommerce expo 2011: Traders slow to adopt Mcommerce are losing out on opportunities in a slow marketplace

ecommerce expo 2011: Traders slow to adopt Mcommerce are losing out on opportunities in a slow marketplace
Tuesday October 11 2011

With over 10 million online UK consumers using their mobiles to make a transaction in the last year , retailers appear to be missing the considerable opportunities to be had in the expanding mobile sales channel.

But currently only 12% of retailers have an Mcommerce strategy in place, while 88% are not yet capitalising on this sales channel, according to a recent survey conducted by Maginus, expert providers of integrated software for multi-channel retail companies.

Of the retailers with an Mcommerce strategy currently in place, only 35% are considering integrating it into their other sales channels - with the remaining 65% not even having considered Mcommerce as part of their overall multi-channel strategy. “This new channel to market has created a need for hybrid multi-channel”, comments Russell Dorset, Sales and Marketing Director at Maginus.

 “Retailers need to realise the importance of integrating all sales channels to ensure seamless customer service across the business. A standalone sales channel is simply not enough, especially as consumers now expect an integrated service that enables them to purchase an item via their mobile device or online and then take it back in-store”.

Even with the slow uptake of Mcommerce, 60% of retailers not using this channel are looking to do so in the next 12 months, which shows the rate at which this sales channel is growing in popularity. Of these retailers, 88% agreed that improved customer service and keeping ahead of the competition were the driving factors behind future adoption, closely followed by increased sales and integrating business process (62%). 70% of retailers were concerned about security threats, although of those, only 20% were worried to the point where they actually wouldn’t adopt it.

Russell continues, “With the proliferation of smart-phone devices, the emerging trend of mobile commerce looks set to continue to grow in popularity. With the majority of retailers revenue now generated through eCommerce sales and Mcommerce, enabling consumers to purchase goods anywhere at any time, it could fast become the predominant sales channel.”

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