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ecommerce expo 2011 - Twitter communications between PRs and journalists more focused using Hacktweets

ecommerce expo 2011 - Twitter communications between PRs and journalists more focused using Hacktweets
Tuesday October 11 2011

Journalists and PRs can now communicate more effectively via Twitter using Hacktweets, a new free beta service from Parker, Wayne & Kent.

Hacktweets enables journalists to post information they need for an article directly to relevant PR professionals, who can then in turn provide information back to the journalist, all via Twitter. The easy-to-use service brings more structure to tweeted communications between journalists and PR professionals.

Of particular interest to journalists interested in the ecommerce space are @InternetPWK – the twitter group for internet and online service issues, such as search engines, social networking sites, streaming services, and online gaming and @RetailHT  – the twitter group for industry issues relating to retail.
Twitter use amongst media professionals has exploded over the last two years. A PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey in April 2010 found 37 per cent of journalists are now required to have a Twitter account, whereas one year previously the study found only 22 per cent of journalists were using Twitter. The social networking site’s growth means there are now 140 million tweets shared every day.

Hacktweets enables PRs and journalists to avoid the mass of irrelevant information on Twitter by directing relevant information to PR people working in particular industry sectors. The service features 26 groups of people working in relevant sectors covering all the core media patches including Entertainment, Sport, Technology, Beauty, Health, Fashion and Business, which journalists and PRs can follow. When journalists need information on a particular subject, they send Direct Messages (DM) to the relevant twitter account and the message is received by all the PR people within that group. The PR professionals simply answer the request using an @reply directly to the journalist who sent the DM.

Rob Latham, Public Relations Professional at Parker, Wayne and Kent, said: “The volume of traffic now on Twitter is making it increasingly difficult for media professionals to gain relevant information for helpful people. Hacktweets improves and simplifies the flow of information between journalists and PR people, enabling effective communication on both sides. Although primarily a mechanism for journalists to get answers, it is also a great way to build relationships and increase contacts via Twitter. The best @replies result in helpful PR people being followed by journalists.”

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