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Ebay implements new 'PayPal Access' service

Ebay implements new 'PayPal Access' service
Thursday October 13 2011

Ebay is to launch a new payment service that allows its users to access their accounts at different webstores without having to register at each one.

According to Bloomberg, the PayPal Access service aims to ward off rival payment systems, instead encouraging eBay's users to opt for PayPal as a substitute for credit cards.

The new service will be unveiled at the X.commerce conference in San Francisco and is seen by some as a means of luring developers and merchants to the PayPal system.

X.commerce spokesman Anuj Nayar told Bloomberg that the system benefits consumers because they never have to give merchants personal information and it takes away the stress of developing more secure systems for online retailers.

"These retailers don't have the time and resources necessary to figure it all out," he added.

The online auction giant recently rolled out its 'shopping basket' platform in the UK

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