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Womenswear continues to outsell menswear online.

Womenswear continues to outsell menswear online.
Tuesday October 18 2011

A study published by market research company Greenlight revealed that searches related to menswear accounted for just 16 per cent of all results.

In real terms, menswear searches stood at 178,191 for the month, compared to 551,780 for womenswear.

Within those results, 69 per cent of searches for female clothing were related to dresses, while the majority of men's apparel searches pertained to suits, which accounted for 17 per cent.

The survey also found the most visible fashion retailers for both men and women. Asos, which operates exclusively online, accounted for a 90 per cent share of visibility in both men's and womenswear, followed by House of Fraser at 68 per cent.

Greenlight said it expects a rise in seasonal related searches, such as 'coats' and 'hoodies' as the winter months approach

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