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Beaverbrooks sparkles with Sanderson multi-channel system

Beaverbrooks sparkles with Sanderson multi-channel system
Tuesday October 25 2011

Sanderson has implemented its Elucid system at Beaverbrooks the Jewellers.

The new system streamlines and improves operations at Beaverbrooks’ Direct business, incorporating Mail Order and Online Sales, offering faster delivery and enhancing customer service. It also strengthens sales and marketing capabilities across the business by combining and exploiting data from all sales channels to support Beaverbrooks’ multi-channel strategy.

The Elucid system processes and fulfils all Mail Order and Online sales, increasing the number of orders dispatched per day, providing real-time stock levels with improved stock control, and driving warehouse efficiency.

Positioned as the central hub between retail stores, head office operations and online sales, Elucid integrates with existing retail and ecommerce systems and presents consolidated data from all sales channels. Beaverbrooks is benefiting from improved customer data collection via Elucid CRM, which is enabling better customer profiling, targeting and buyer behaviour analysis. CRM is the key driver behind customer recruitment and is invaluable in producing promotions matched to specific buyer behaviour.

Patrick Walker, Head of IT, Beaverbrooks, comments: “The Elucid solution has brought together our multiple sales channels and collective systems, providing us with a central hub that allows us to operate a true multi-channel sales organisation. Elucid has improved our operational efficiency and provides us with real-time sales and customer data, which we didn’t have with our previous system. This has made a huge difference to our business.”

Ian Newcombe, Managing Director, Sanderson Multi-Channel Solutions, added: We’re really pleased to be working with Beaverbrooks and supporting their multi-channel strategy. Our successful track record and experience of implementing multi-channel retail systems for our customers, coupled with our ability to support growing businesses meant we were the right choice for Beaverbrooks. Beaverbrooks is an excellent brand and we look forward to working with them long into the future.”

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