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Brits shop early for Christmas Bargains

Brits shop early for Christmas Bargains
Thursday October 27 2011

One-fifth of UK consumers will complete their Christmas shopping by October, according to a recent survey.

Research carried out by Kantar Media has found that British consumers will fork out an average of £360 on gifts, with 20 per cent planning to spend more than they did last year.

The study also found that almost half (49 per cent) will do their holiday shopping in November, while only one per cent said they will wait until Christmas Eve. Almost three-quarters of those quizzed said they will research pre-Christmas shopping deals using websites and tips from friends and family.

John Thekanady, client services director at Kantar, said that it is vital for retailers to implement strategies in time to get shoppers into their stores and on their websites.

This is to "ensure visitors have a positive experience", he added

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