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GAME launches new 'digital wallet' for online gamers

GAME launches new 'digital wallet' for online gamers
Friday October 28 2011

GAME has partnered with InComm, a prepaid product and transaction services company, to launch a new digital wallet, dubbed GAMEwallet, designed for online gamers

GAMEwallet will enable customers to explore, find and pay for digital downloads, streaming, online gaming subscriptions and in-game items. GAMEwallet will provide customers with access to a range of digital titles including Runescape, APB Reloaded, Fight My Monster and Bin Weevils. The digital wallet is currently available in its BETA version.

GAMEwallet will expand to offer customers a multitude of ways to pay for digital content or subscriptions via their Reward Card points, GAMEwallet top-up card and, from 2012, their GAME gift card. These will be stored together in each customer's GAMEwallet and they will be able to choose to use one or a combination of each to pay for a virtual product, download, rental or subscription.

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