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Study finds delivery costs main reason for cart abandonment

Study finds delivery costs main reason for cart abandonment
Tuesday November 8 2011

The main reasons shoppers abandon shopping carts are shipping costs and extra duty or taxes, according to the results of a new survey.

The study, from Pitney Bowes found the biggest turn-off for UK online consumers, and the main reason for not completing a transaction is the shipping price, which 79% resent.

The study also shows that the nation complains more than any other about additional fees, such as duty and taxes at the time of delivery, with 65% saying they stop them from completing a purchase.

Commissioned by Pitney Bowes, the study questioned 10,000 consumers in the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Compared to the nine other countries, the UK also complains the most about product descriptions, pricing and payment.Forty six per cent said product descriptions being in a foreign language is a problem, 44% have an issue with pricing not being in UK currency and 41% said merchants not accepting their credit card are an obstacle to buying.

The research also reveals that 65% of UK shoppers have bought items online in the last 30 days, making the country the second most frequent online shoppers behind Germany with 66%.

The UK also buys the most books, films and music online compared to all the other countries with 77% of people having done so. Price is the main consideration in all countries when shopping online.

In the UK, the selection of products is the second most important factor.“To be successful, retailers need to ensure they can offer a simple and seamless online shopping experience and have a clear understanding of consumers’ purchasing, shipping and communications preferences in each market.” said Patrick Jelly, Pitney Bowes.