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Survey reveals online shoppers value reliable UK courier service

Survey reveals online shoppers value reliable UK courier service
Thursday December 1 2011

A survey from address autofill company Postcode Anywhere has revealed that a reliable online delivery service and a quick checkout are considered very important by many shoppers.

It found that 76 per cent of customers rate a speedy checkout process as important or very important to their experience, while almost 65 per cent want timed delivery slots to ensure their packages arrive at a convenient moment.

Postcode Anywhere also found that women were more likely than men to be swayed by online reviews, with 36 per cent more females than males rating these as very important.

The company's managing director Guy Mucklow said the delivery results "show the buying process doesn't finish when the customer leaves your site: fulfilment needs to be scrutinised too".

He added that despite the success of ecommerce, it was important for retailers not to take customers for granted.

An eBay study released recently found that the UK was spending £31.5 billion this year on online shopping

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