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UK 'a nation of efficient online shoppers'

UK 'a nation of efficient online shoppers'
Friday December 2 2011

Buying presents oniline has become second nature to UK shoppers in the last ten years, finds a report on shopping habits from eBay

It finds that 43 per cent of this year's Christmas shoppers will buy all their gifts in six hours or less and 73 per cent will opt for an online shop in order to use their time more efficiently.

The biggest indicator of the change in consumer habits is that in 2001 £1.8 billion was spent by six million Britons shopping online, while in 2011 shoppers in the UK have already spent £31.5 billion.

Julia Hutton-Potts, an eBay spokeswoman, said that the data showed a nation which had become considerably more web-savvy over the decade.

"The popularity of shopping on smartphones is the latest step in this trend, as we look to pick up items whilst on our daily commute, or relaxing at home," she added.