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Survey reveals bargain hunting drives online Christmas shopping

Survey reveals bargain hunting drives online Christmas shopping
Wednesday December 7 2011

A survey from PayPal has found that cheap parcel delivery, bargain hunting and convenience are all important factors in the popularity of online shopping.

Over 79 per cent of those surveyed said they would be doing some or all of their Christmas shopping online, representing a national figure of 39 million people.

This represents a three per cent rise from last year of people willing to make festive purchases on the web.

The survey found that saving money was the most important factor in the move towards e-commerce, followed by the prospect of free delivery and the speed and convenience offered by the medium.

Rob Skinner, consumer affairs manager at PayPal said: "Christmas is always a busy time of year and online shopping is the perfect way to avoid the crowds and grab a bargain."

A recent eBay report suggested the UK had become savvy at negotiating the internet shopping landscape, with 43 per cent of shoppers buying all their gifts in three hours or less.