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Mobile purchasing has grown to nearly 20% of holiday shopping this year

Mobile purchasing has grown to nearly 20% of holiday shopping this year
Friday December 23 2011

Approximately 1-in-5 Holiday Shoppers in the US Will Be Using Their Mobile Phone to Either Purchase Sales Items Online or Find Discounts From Their Favorite Brands

Research by mBlox, the mobile consumer interaction and payment specialist, reveals that nearly one in five of US consumers are planning to avoid the malls this sales season and are shopping from their mobile devices while they are on the go.

The research, commissioned by Opinion Matters, unveils how in the upcoming post-Christmas sales, just under 19 percent of US consumers would opt to use their mobile phone or smartphone to purchase items online, rather than shop in-store for bargains. These consumers indicated they would use the discounts and sales offers they receive on their mobile phone to purchase gifts in-store.

Michele Turner, Chief Marketing Officer of mBlox, says: "We're seeing more consumers who want to combine in-store shopping with purchasing from their phones while they are on the go. The way in which shopping habits are evolving indicates that how brands interact with their customers has never been so important. Our research demonstrates that 2012 is gearing up to be the year of mobile shopping as more people choose this payment and shopping option as an alternative."

The research also found that 19 percent of those polled were pleased to receive promotional offers on their mobile devices over the Christmas and New Year sales period. Of this figure, 12 percent preferred to receive offers that were relevant and personal to them.

Turner continues: "Consumers still want to shop in-store for many purchases, which is good news for the malls. However, with a growing proportion of consumers who are keen to engage with brands and shop on their mobile phones, there is now an opportunity for businesses to engage personally with these customers when they aren't face-to-face in store. Yet, with mobile marketing being such a personal tool, consumers can be fickle if they find these promotions become a nuisance: brands may only have one chance to get it right. Businesses will need to market to their customers carefully and be mindful that the consumer should have control over the messages they receive, by providing an opt-in service and with targeted and relevant content."