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Text is best for mobile promotions new report reveals

Text is best for mobile promotions new report reveals
Thursday January 5 2012

Mobile-owning consumers in the UK, Germany and France prefer receiving SMS-based promotions as opposed to other mobile channels, new research published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has revealed.

The study conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys on behalf of the DMA and report sponsor Velti, shows that 38 per cent of UK mobile owners prefer receiving promotional offers via SMS, compared to 15 per cent who favour mobile web.

For consumers in Germany and France, 58 per cent and 60 per cent respectively opt for SMS as their preferred channel for receiving mobile-based offers, whereas 21 per cent of consumers in both countries prefer mobile web.

In other findings, the research reports that 40 per cent of UK consumers are interested in being contacted via mobile by advertisers – four times as many consumers who said they would rather receive offers from their mobile network operators.

The inaugural Promoting to the mobile consumer report surveyed 4,400 mobile-owning consumers in Europe’s three largest economies, as well as consumers in the US. The comparative study assesses European and American consumers’ differing attitudes to promotions, favoured kinds of discounts and offer redemption levels, in addition to focusing on mobile-based promotional marketing.  

Krishna Subramanian, Chief Marketing Officer of Velti, says that the findings highlight important cultural differences for marketers working on brands that span multiple countries:

“From our perspective, this survey highlights a vast opportunity available to mobile marketers to address the gap in mobile engagement and to bring creative solutions to the table to reach these consumers.

“With mobile growth exploding worldwide in both emerging and developed markets, brands should embrace consumer preferences in every region they reach and develop campaigns that actively engage their current and potential customer base to get ahead of the curve.”

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