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Retailers rank security as biggest challenge for 2012

Retailers rank security as biggest challenge for 2012
Wednesday January 11 2012

Cloud and mobile still down list of priorities when it comes to concerns

Security is still the biggest technology challenge according to 47% of retailers, as suggested in a recent retail communications survey conducted by Iconnyx, the managed IT and web hosting company. Only 7% reported that cloud was their biggest issue.

Biggest technology challenges for retailers are, by percentage:
•         Security (47%)
•         Data storage (20%) 
•         Mobile (17%)
•         Ecommerce (10%)
•         Cloud (7%)

The retail communications survey, conducted with 60 retailers nationwide, also underlined retailer security concerns, with 57% of respondents ranking PCI compliance as a very important business issue.

Other reported important business issues were listed as answering customer calls, synchronisation between Point of Sale and card payment machines and reducing the overall cost of connectivity to stores.

Tim Walker, Iconnyx Managing Director explains:“It’s surprising to see that cloud is low on the list of retailer concerns, given that security and PCI compliance is top of the list. This signals that for retailers, cloud-based technologies are neither seen as a solution or an issue. In either instance, use of the cloud can resolve security concerns and could be explored as a reliable means of addressing retailers’ issues.”

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