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EU to stimulate cross-border e-commerce market

EU to stimulate cross-border e-commerce market
Friday January 13 2012

The European Commission has announced plans to press for a “single digital market” in Europe, to double e-commerce volumes by 2015 by breaking down barriers to cross-border web-based purchases among the 27 EU nations.

The Commission, the executive branch of European Union government is launching 16 initiatives to find ways around major obstacles to EU cross-border e-commerce.

Among its plans, it is planning a consultation in 2012 on parcels delivery, focusing on cross-border issues, to seek solutions to the current delivery problems faced by businesses and consumers.

The Commission promised to report its conclusions from the consultation in a green paper by the end of this year.

The three main issues to be covered in the paper will be price of services, quality of services and availability of relevant information about deliveries and alternative providers, particularly for individuals and small businesses.