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Tablet owners spend more online.

Tablet owners spend more online.
Thursday January 26 2012

Adobe has revealed online shoppers tend to spend more if carrying out their transactions on a tablet computer such as an iPad.

The company's Digital Marketing Insights report, which provides information on ecommerce and online marketing, revealed that throughout 2011 tablet visitors spent more than people using traditional computers or smartphones.

Overall, people using the tablet interface spent 54 per cent more than those with smartphones and 21 per cent more than those on desktops or laptops.

"Adobe has long championed the need for retailers to optimise their sites for mobile visitors, and the results of this study indicate that tablet devices have become an critical sales channel," said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe Digital Marketing Business.

The survey posited that tablet users tended to be more affluent and as such have more disposable income to spend online