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Cybertill to launch MPoS solution and showcase cloud EPoS at the 2012 Retail Business Technology Expo

Wednesday February 8 2012

Cybertill will be showcasing its cloud based EPoS and multichannel solutions which will empower retailers to deliver an immediate and personal service to all their customers on stand 616. They will also be giving hands-on demonstrations of their new mobile EPoS solution on iPads and Android tablets.

In 2012, all types of retailers, both chains and independents, will deploy mobile EPoS systems across their businesses in record numbers. Cybertill is well placed to provide a seamless mobile solution with its cloud based EPoS and multichannel system. Cybertill’s mobile EPoS system is multi-functional; it can double as a mobile till when stores are busy or at events, sales staff can collect customer details on the shop floor and check stock in real time, it can be used to carry out stock checks and can be used to manage back office processes from any location.

Co-presenting a seminar for Cybertill will be Wembley Stadium’s Head of Retail, Mike Pink, who will share his experiences of how Wembley have used a cloud based system in their stadium store and online.

Cybertill founder and CEO, Ian Tomlinson will be presenting alongside Mike on cloud technology in retail entitled ‘Is there more to cloud than cost?’. Here, Ian will explore whether cost is clouding the issue of quality in that many retailers and technology companies appear fixated on discussing cloud costs and ignore other more important factors regarding the technology.

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