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The smartphone is the shopper’s perfect companion

The smartphone is the shopper’s perfect companion
Friday February 10 2012

IAB research examines the ways in which consumers are using their mobile, tablets and PCs to research and purchase products and services, and examines the role each device plays along the purchase path.

The Mobile Online Journey Observation (MOJO) study, which was delivered by GfK’s Digital research team, looks to understand how mobile and PCs are changing and influencing the ways in which consumers buy products.

Over 800 smartphone owners were interviewed about the purchase journey of their most recently purchased product. Furthermore, the purchase behaviours of 60 Android owners were tracked across mobile and PC (using GfK’s ConnectedLife Panel) for one month and in some cases re-contacted for tele-depth interviews to further understand their journeys.

The study reveals how both devices play pivotal roles throughout the purchase journey. Awareness of the brand purchased (via display advertising and social networks) was 52% on PC, and almost as high on mobile (45%). Moving through the journey, 78% of respondents researched a product on a PC, and 54% via mobile. As the journey approaches the final commitment to purchase, 80% opted to carry out the transaction via PC and a significant 34% made their purchase on mobile.

Mobile and PC advertising works harder together – the majority of respondents were not using each device in isolation at each stage of the purchase journey- in particular during the awareness and research phase most respondents used both devices together.

It’s not only PC that works well with TV, mobile can too - Consumers are looking for convenience -  44% of respondents in this study stated that they reach for their mobile when wanting to follow up after seeing a TV ad, and are most often looking for more detailed price and product information

Smartphones are the shopper’s first port of call – the research proves that twice as many respondents turn to their mobile to follow up on an advert or recommendation, as they do by going in store.

Mobile - the new companion on the high street- The research shows that 38% of respondents use their smartphone in store- and of this group, 55% conducted an internet search in store about a certain product or service, and nearly half (49%) carried out price comparisons with other retailers whilst on the move. This research proves just how much consumers rely on their mobile phones, as 18% of respondents stated they trust their mobile device over their shopping companion (15%) when making in store purchase decisions.

Retailers need a tablet strategy – Almost three quarters of Smartphone owners who also use a tablet use their tablet to make a purchase every week.   On average, tablet owners are spending 4.4 hours a week browsing retail sites on their tablet.

IAB’s senior mobile manger, Alex Kozloff said “This research takes us one step further in understanding the increasing impact digital devices are having throughout the purchase journey. By showing the deep impact digital devices are having from brand awareness, to research, to purchase (both in store and online), we hope advertisers will have a clearer understanding of how to adapt their strategy. In particular, the way the way consumers are turning to their mobile phone in store is a strong call to action for retailers to react to this growing trend.”

GfK’s research director, Ryan Garner said “The research clearly demonstrates the importance of a cross device digital marketing strategy. The more connected devices consumers own, the more their behaviours change and the more complex their purchasing habits become. Those brands and retailers that can best accommodate this changing dynamic will be best placed to generate new sales and capitalise on consumers’ desire to use their smartphone for research and purchase more in the future.”