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Amazon UK leads retailers in positive Post-Christmas feedback on Twitter

Amazon UK leads retailers in positive Post-Christmas feedback on Twitter
Tuesday February 7 2012

Positive tweets and customer interaction highlights importance of the channel to e-tailers

Top retailers are demonstrating the importance of engagement through social media, with Amazon UK leading the way in terms of positive feedback on twitter. Amazon UK’s facility to easily ‘tweet purchases’ is a big factor in helping the online retailer to generate brand awareness amongst wider online social circles, according to new findings released today.

The ‘Twindex’ Review from user experience consultancy Webcredible revealed that Amazon UK received the most positive tweets in comparison to other leading online UK retailers with 79 per cent. With just 10 per cent of tweets showcasing customer dissatisfaction, Amazon UK has demonstrated how social media can be used as a tool in governing customer relations and brand reputation. By making it easy for customers to tweet what products they have bought or reviewed to their own followers and social networks, Amazon UK has taken advantage of the social platform to improve the customer experience by using it as a vehicle to generate brand awareness, reinforcing its sales and conversion efforts.

Other retailers proving successful within this same period included Argos Online (59 per cent), (54 per cent), eBay UK (37 per cent) and ASOS (46 per cent), the last of which received the least amount of negative chatter and acquired the most number of followers. The positive results for the latter three along with Amazon UK, demonstrates the growing importance of this channel for customer interaction, particularly in the absence of physical stores. As such, delivering a good customer experience is proving important, particularly as more consumers gravitate to social platforms to deal with customer inquiries. While negative chatter is not an indication of the lack of success of a brand’s social media strategy, it must be used to listen and respond to alleviate the impact of negative comments.

With only 6 per cent of positive tweets in the same seven day period, UK retailer Tesco suffered the most negative backlash with 66 per cent of tweets showcasing customer dissatisfaction within this period. The majority of negative chatter came largely due to the uproar around the brand withdrawing support for Gay Pride. Failure to respond to tweets sooner meant that negative tweets monopolised much of the chatter associated with the brand during this seven-day period.

“The post-Christmas period can be a challenging time for retailers as they are bombarded with inquiries about unwanted gifts, returns procedure and sale prices, so it is essential to have a robust and joined up approach to customer service particularly during this time”, says Trenton Moss, Director, Webcredible. These findings demonstrate the importance of an effective presence and approach to social media marketing so that a brand can, mitigate and act on negative feedback instantly where possible.”

The ‘Twindex’ Review studied the top ten UK retailers according to website traffic statistics recorded by Hitwise and analysed the last 450 tweets @replies on each retailer’s twitter feed across a seven day period (or as many @replies as it received in that period if less than 450).

“Twitter and other social media channels have redefined what customer service means to consumers. Expectations are high and communication now needs to have a more real-time and instant element to it as well a personalised aspect. These social media platforms work well for all brands to find out more about their customers by making interaction personal and relevant as well as widening their reach as customers continue to spread their word to their online communities. Getting this right however, is by making it easy to do so, as Amazon UK has exemplified,” concludes Moss.

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