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NetPRO® Ethernet interface for cash drawers

NetPRO® Ethernet interface for cash drawers
Wednesday February 22 2012

APG’s Ethernet cash drawer communicates with mobile POS devices. This dynamic network device has a time and date stamp with every transaction, improves loss prevention functions through security camera activation, provides mobile alerts to store management for unusual events, offers remote tech support, asset management and much more.

APG NetPro® Ethernet cash drawers may be attached to a TCP/IP enabled network and configured to be remotely operated using the APG NetLib™ library of commands that will open the cash drawer, report drawer status and other important cash drawer access events to the host or server. Any number of NetPro™ Cash drawers may be attached to the network, each uniquely identified by its IP address and configured ready to “listen” for operating commands.

Individual cash drawers connected to a LAN are identified by scanning a bar code attached to the drawer front to ensure that each payment transaction is directed to the appropriate cash drawer IP address. Acquisition of the cash drawer with the bar code scanner ensures that a Retail Service Associate is in close proximity to the open cash drawer during a cash payment transaction.

Mobility has been the buzz word in the industry over the last year or so.  APG has spent time looking into how this plays in our realm of cash drawers.  Many mobile devices have been released with POS software on them setup to accept credit cards.  However, there are still customers who want to pay with cash.  That is where our NetPRO® Ethernet Interface comes in.  The mobile device can now connect to the drawer through a secure network connection.
The interface can be installed in either the Series 4000 or Series 100 Cash Drawer product lines.  We see them being designed into clothing stores, pizza restaurants, technology stores, as well as grocery, hardware and even recycling centers.  Thinking about how new products can be used in existing situations will open the doors to new sales.The NetPRO® interface comes with additional features that allow the reseller to expand from just a POS sale into the Loss Prevention, Mobility and Asset Management area.  Since the cash drawer is now a network device, it can talk to other network devices such as a security camera or send a message to the store manager for unusual events.  This merging of technologies opens the door for selling multiple solutions that work together into the same account

WHAT:   Retail Business Technology Expo 2012

WHEN:   March 13-14, 2012

WHERE:   Earls Court, London