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Infor Demonstrates Infor10 at Retail Business Technology Expo 2012

Infor Demonstrates Infor10 at Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
Tuesday February 21 2012

Infor Demonstrates Strategic Applications for Retailers on Stand 750 March 13-14th, Earls Court, London

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced it is attending Retail Technology Business Expo in March.

On stand 750, Infor will demonstrate its extensive range of Infor10 software applications which help retailers gain greater control over margins, products, staff and customer and supplier relationships throughout the retail supply chain.

News Points
• Infor10 CRM maximises customer interactions and improves retailers’ bottom line by influencing customers buying decisions and brand loyalty. Infor10 Marketing, Infor’s latest offering, is a next-generation integrated database campaign management application which allows retail marketers to plan, execute and monitor all of their direct-to-consumer marketing activities and customer touches at a program level simultaneously across any number of outbound (email, direct mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter) and inbound (website, mobile, online store, call centre, voice response unit, POS terminals, kiosk, ATM) channels.  When combined with Infor10 CRM Epiphany Interaction Advisor, retailers gain a competitive edge enabling “true CRM,” via customer preference management, offering optimization, likelihood and benefit arbitration, and permission-based marketing. 
• Infor10 Workforce Management (WFM) solutions help retailers align long-term workforce planning and daily operations with business strategy to improve customer service and increase profitability. Infor10 WFM helps boost retailer profitability by lowering payroll expenses; anticipating workforce demands and scheduling the right coverage; tracking employee performance; complying with complex international labour laws and adhering to corporate directives, whilst automating all of a company’s pay rules.
• Infor10 SCE (Supply Chain Execution) helps with effective and optimal store replenishment through greater operational efficiencies in warehouses and distribution centres. Infor’s supply chain management applications also help manage customer demand and design optimal supply chain network configuration to ensure flexibility and ultimate responsiveness to customer demand.

“Infor has an impressive portfolio of retailers in EMEA including Burberry, QVC, Koninklijke Ahold, Carrefour and Foschini Retail Group,” said Rochelle Schard, Director, Product Marketing for HCM & WFM, Infor. “We help retailers’ manage their bottom line by delivering tools designed to link people and the work they do, to the retailer’s overall goals. Vitally we also help strip out excessive supply chain costs whilst maximizing warehouse efficiency to ensure product availability for customers at point of purchase.”

“Retail is likely to be the industry most impacted by today’s socially-engaged consumer.  Now, the greatest pressure comes from the ‘ever-connected’ consumer who demands more information and can get it instantly and objectively, all manner of purchasing options, real-time purchases and multiple delivery options,” said MJ Crabbe-Barberis, Director, Global Product Marketing for CRM, Infor.  “Retailers must realign their processes and organisation around these consumers more so now than ever to remain competitive.   Therefore, they need tools that let them manage complex marketing activities and communications across any channel in “now” time with extreme accuracy and spot on messaging.”