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Itim to showcase retail software that increases margins by 1-4%

Itim to showcase retail software that increases margins by 1-4%
Wednesday February 22 2012

Itim, the retail solutions specialists will be showcasing its advanced smart software suite Profimetrics, and demonstrating how they can help retailers get smarter by combining operational excellence with business insight, at this year’s Retail Business Technology Expo, March 13th and 14th.

Profimetrics is a pricing ‘hub’ for Pricing, Promotions and Markdowns that allows buyers to plan sophisticated promotions, manage day to day price and create smarter markdowns which they can then forecast, simulate and approve in one place. Buyers and merchandisers are usually buried in a sea of data.

Profimetrics sifts out what’s important and pushes that to buyers as daily alerts and recommendations, based on data from internal systems and also harvesting any external data feeds that a company has, reducing decision time and improving the quality of decisions.

Howard Langer head of Pricing & Promotions at Itim, said, “Pricing is the most important profit lever a company has and Profimetrics is specifically designed to help retailers tackle the challenge of balancing price and brand image.  The experience of retailers using Profimetrics has shown that they can increase margins by 1-4% and increase sales by 3% through smarter pricing, promotions and markdowns.

We help you convert data into actionable insights. We filter out what’s important for each buyer and send them daily pricing, promotion and markdown alerts. This enables them to make the right price decisions in seconds and just in time to protect and enhance sales and margins.”

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