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iPad most popular device for online shopping

iPad most popular device for online shopping
Friday February 24 2012

This is according to the latest research from BaseKit, which found that 76 per cent of tablet-shoppers use an iPad for their online commerce activities, making it almost as popular as Apple desktop computers for internet shopping.

Apple also dominated the smartphone market, with 66 per cent of m-commerce users picking the iPhone as their favoured platform to use when ordering items over the internet using a smartphone.

Although nobody who responded to the survey had used a Windows Mobile-based handset for internet shopping, it continues to be the platform of choice for people using their home computers for buying and selling items.

This is reflected in the fact that 42 per cent of Britons do their online shopping from a Windows-based PC, with another 42 per cent shopping online from a Windows-based laptop.

Only nine per cent of respondents primarily use a Mac to shop online, with Mac laptops twice as popular as their desktop alternative.

Basekit chief executive officer Juan Loboto expressed his surprise that ecommerce had not made further advances on the market throughout 2012, arguing that the unfamiliarity of many retailers with creating acceptable retail websites could be playing a part in slowing the market down.

Advice from an online shopping expert such as Basekit could "hopefully lead them to create successful future-proofed ecommerce sites that will boost sales during these difficult economic times", Mr Loboto claimed