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58% rise in data protection breaches

58% rise in data protection breaches
Thursday March 1 2012

Annual statistics released by the Information Commissioner's Office show there has been a 58% increase in data protection breaches by companies in the private sector

The study also found three quarters of consumers don't believe that online companies do enough to keep their personal details secure.

The numbers of high profile cases that have recently been reported in the media are leading many businesses to think about how secure their customer data is. For example, at the end of 2010, employment agency A4e was fined £60,000 for losing a laptop containing the encrypted data of thousands of people and, in June 2011, Surrey County Council was fined £120,000 for disclosing personal details on three separate occasions.

Many companies outsource the storage and management of important information to ensure safe, efficient and reliable access can be maintained at all times, and to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. Records Management companies provide this solution, offering a safe house for original information which can be stored in secure vaults as well as providing media tape storage for electronic backups of data.

David Woolley, development director of Wincanton Records Management (WRM) comments: "We ensure reliable access to original documents is guaranteed at all times. Our vaults benefit from advanced fire prevention technology, gas suppression and twenty-four hour round-the-clock monitoring to ensure the safety of your data. Documents can be delivered twenty-four seven, 365 days a year, and we ensure the safe transport of items through our vehicle tracking syste