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Facebook ads to appear on mobiles for first time with ‘Premium’ service

Facebook ads to appear on mobiles for first time with ‘Premium’ service
Sunday March 4 2012

Facebook is letting companies place ads on its mobile version for the first time, and to advertise on the log out screen, flowing the launch of its new ‘Premium’ service.

Users will see the new premium adverts from brand in their newsfeeds if a friend has "liked" the brand's pages, for example.

Facebook said that adverts on the right-hand side and in news feeds on Facebook's homepage have an average of five to 10 times more engagement than other adverts placed on the website.

The social networking giant has also added Offers, which lets businesses offer discounts to users that "like" their pages.

Facebook, which has 845 million monthly users, will also let businesses have their own branded pages with timelines, just like individuals.

The changes will happen from April, Facebook announced in its first-ever marketing conference.

Until now, Facebook has made no money from advertising on the mobile version of its site or its apps.

Facebook has more than 400 million users that view it on their mobiles, and there has been much speculation about how it would seek to make money from them.

Facebook makes most of its money from advertising sales, which accounted for 85% of its revenues of $3.7bn in 2011.

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