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Cegid unveils new mobile retail solution at the Retail Business Technology Expo

Cegid unveils new mobile retail solution at the Retail Business Technology Expo
Tuesday March 6 2012

Cegid, the international retail software provider with clients including Ted Baker, ASICS and L’Occitane, will be unveiling its latest retail management software operating for the first time on an iPod Touch, at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London on March 13th and 14th, on stand number 548.

The move follows popular demand among retailers, following successful developments already using tablet computers and smart phones including iPads and iPhones. Cegid will be showing various other innovative retail technologies at the event, including the latest features in its Yourcegid Retail software suite, in association with its UK partner, Retail IT.

These include cross-channel merchandising, point-of-sale, business intelligence, workforce management, interactive surface technology for Omni-channel browsing in stores and RFID. Cegid has also added a number of new functions to help retailers with internationalisation and expansion abroad, in particular in Asia. For instance, new CRM tools allow the grading of key loyalty customers - much like gold or platinum card holders or first class business travellers - which can trigger special targeted promotions according to status and buyer behaviour.

Yourcegid Retail Mobile allows retailers to perform POS, customer facing and merchandising tasks including process transactions in-store, e-receipts, transfers, reception, inventory, instantly check product availability and pricing and capture customer details. Several European retailers are currently trialling the mobile POS solution in France - the solution has already been deployed by retailers in the USA and in Canada.

Following a recent poll of leading retailers in Europe, mobile and cloud computing solutions were both revealed as the biggest growth areas for IT investments in 2011, with one fifth of retail IT investments being spent on mobile solutions the previous year.

“Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are topping the list of must-haves among retailers, with tools to help improve customer service and carry out daily tasks quickly and efficiently,” says Andy Cairns, UK director at Cegid.

Research early this year by VDC Research Group found that organisations are experiencing a 28% improvement in customer loyalty and repeat business as a result of well-designed mobile solutions.

The Cegid mobile solutions are available for both Apple and Windows operating systems and are being deployed using a wide range of handheld devices, including PDA’s (personal digital assistants), smart phones and tablet computers.