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Mamas & Papas to develop ecommerce strategy

Mamas & Papas to develop ecommerce strategy
Wednesday March 7 2012

Mamas & Papas has announced plans to develop its ecommerce offering to increase the number of goods it sells using parcel delivery services and enhance its web presence.

The company will work with ecommerce specialists One iota to develop an internet strategy aimed at enhancing its use of m-commerce and f-commerce channels in order to improve the number of shoppers it can reach across a variety of mediums.

This comes as part of a broader focus on multichannel retail, with plans afoot for the company to offer Wi-Fi in all of its stores and provide QR codes for shoppers with smartphones to gain as much in-store information on products as possible.

In order to build on this multichannel approach, One iota intends to customise and optimise the firm's mobile site so that customers can use it to order goods for courier delivery more easily and navigate the various products on offer quickly.

Plans are also in motion to provide a tablet-optimised site, a new social media strategy to ensure customers can engage with the brand over platforms such as Facebook and an iPhone application.

Rob Jennings, ecommerce director at Mamas & Papas, said technology is a key part of the company's operation moving forward.

He pointed to statistics showing that 20 per cent of people visiting the firm's retail website do so via a mobile channel, with the recent boom in smartphone numbers expected to lead to further growth from this channel