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Computop launches the first global PoS network negating the need for PCI DSS certification

Computop launches the first global PoS network negating the need for PCI DSS certification
Tuesday March 13 2012

Computop Global PoS Network integrates MagTek IPAD EMV terminals with Paygate 5.0 to remove the need to receive actual card data during a PoS transaction in-store

Computop, a leading payment service provider (PSP), announces the launch of the Computop Global PoS Network for international multichannel payments. This global payment network offers fraud prevention services, which combine data from both eCommerce and bricks and mortar businesses at PoS.

Computop Global PoS Network works in any country and enables merchants to simply and securely manage multichannel payments across their retail estate: Point of Sale (PoS), eCommerce, MOTO, call centre and mobile payments. It greatly reduces time to market for retailers wishing to roll out international stores.

For Retail PoS, certified to the latest PCI PTS 3.1 specification, IPAD EMV is a highly secure multi-functional device that supports magnetic card reading and EMV chip and pin, with optional signature capture and contactless card reading. The IPAD from MagTek and Computop’s card tokenization, together remove the need to receive actual card data during a transaction in-store and therefore the need for a retailer’s PoS system to have PCI DSS accreditation. IPAD EMV encompasses PCI PTS 3.1, Common Criteria and PCI P2PE compliance.

IPAD EMV provides a USB port, giving customers an easy interface hardware platform for card transactions. All communication, internally and externally, are highly secure, using 3DES and DUKPT key management, exceeding the requirements of PCI DSS.  It has a backlit colour LCD, an optional privacy screen, is ergonomically designed and has an easy clean finish.

Computop customer, Björn Schlesselmann, managing director at PAPAGENA, comments, “Historically, the challenges for opening retail outlets or travel businesses in a new country are the same: You have to research and comply with local banking rules and regulations and buy PoS terminals from local banks.  However, with Computop Global PoS Network we just buy the IPAD EMV and connect it to a secure and reliable system.  It is much easier, faster and cost efficient for us to expand our international business this way.”

In February 2012, Computop and MagTek announced their intention to collaborate to develop PoS terminals that are able to work securely worldwide. IPAD EMV is designed for the Retail POS environment while iDynamoEMV is designed to allow for secure payment via  tablet’s and smart phone’s.

Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop, comments, “We are delighted to launch our first collaborative Point of Sale product. Computop Global PoS Network and IPAD EMV will save a lot of retail businesses a lot of time and money, managing their international Point of Sale.”

Steve Poulston, Managing Director, MagTek, says, “Through this partnership we are able to provide a truly integrated multichannel payment platform with POoS, MOTO, e-commerce and mobile.  The benefit to the customer is that they can have all payment processing managed through the Computop Paygate platform, which in turn means they have no requirement to adhere to PCI regulations for handling (PoS) card data, because we are providing a fully PCI compliant solution across all channels.”