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Retailers still uncertain on S-commerce

Tuesday March 20 2012

Some ecommerce retailers are still uncertain about using social media to drive sales and encourage customers to order items for delivery services to send, according to an expert.

Kate Bussman, social media expert and author, explained that many people are still feeling their way with regard to the use of S-commerce and noted that the industry is still in its infancy.

Furthermore, she expressed the opinion that it can often be jarring to attempt to sell things using sites like Facebook directly, given the personal nature of much of the content on the social media site.

Offering items or services for sale alongside things like holiday pictures or status updates can "sit very strangely" with consumers and have the opposite effect to the one intended, encouraging people to unfollow brands or fostering a dislike of a company's invasive marketing techniques, the expert suggested.

Nevertheless, Ms Bussman argued that there is still a place for S-commerce if it is integrated properly and used to engage with prospective or current customers.

"The best way to do it is to be subtle about it and get people off Facebook to your actual e-tail site. I think that's far more sensible, people understand it," claimed the author.

She noted that f-commerce has more potential for increasing brand penetration and offering a way to view different aspects of a company than it does as a direct money-making enterprise, given the natural suspicion many consumers feel when faced with sales links amid personal information.

"I think it's useful as a promotional tool in marketing - it's obviously brilliant for building awareness, but I don't think it's really the place to be taking money," concluded Ms Bussman

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