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Social media strategy vital for ecommerce businesses

Social media strategy vital for ecommerce businesses
Friday March 30 2012

Engaging with social media will help enhances customer base and increases penetration into the market.

Patricia Davidson, independent online consultant, argued that f-commerce - using forums such as Twitter and Facebook to promote a brand or company and encourage consumers to order goods - is likely to become an important part of the ecommerce market in the coming years.

She added that it is a way to make businesses more visible to a broad audience of people and provide a unique insight into the products offered by a particular company, offering opportunities for customer engagement which were not available until quite recently.

However, Ms Davidson also noted that many retailers have failed to take the right tack on f-commerce, either by integrating it badly in a way which puts consumers off or by failing to make the appropriate financial commitment to improving their service.

"Social media creates a clear path for any message you may want to send out. It will get more traffic to your website, inform prospective customers about your products, instantly announce promotions and offers and, quite simply, get you talked about," the online consultant explained.

She concluded that Facebook is often a good starting point for companies which are relatively new to the business, indicating that a proactive approach to working with the social media site will allow companies to reap the benefits in a relatively short space of time