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Demandware Labs Releases Pinterest Integration for Retailers

Demandware Labs Releases Pinterest Integration for Retailers
Monday April 2 2012

New plug-in gives retailers a simple way to incorporate Pinterest into its social commerce strategy to extend brand interactions and drive traffic.

Demandware has announced the availability of a new Pinterest integration from Demandware Labs – the company’s experimental research center dedicated to applications and innovations that extend the core functionality of the Demandware Commerce platform.

The integration between Demandware Commerce and Pinterest provides retailers with a simple way to enable consumers to share product content among the more than 12 million Pinterest users via the “Pin it” button displayed on ecommerce product pages.

For retailers, the key benefits of the Pinterest Integration include:

•Attract, engage and listen to consumers while they network with friends, family, and colleagues
•Increase brand awareness and extend the commerce platform to a destination that is attracting millions of new consumers each month
•Accelerate innovation by easily integrating popular social destinations without the burden of development costs
•Enable more targeted and concise pinning of specific items down to color and size by allowing consumers to pin and share the exact SKU of the product they want

“Pinterest has had extremely positive adoption rates and we wanted to make sure our clients could leverage this exciting new tool to drive their online revenue. Our Labs team was quickly able to develop this valuable integration and now it’s in the hands of our clients for adoption. This is another great example of how our commerce platform can be easily extended to meet the demands of today’s consumers,” said Jamus Driscoll, senior VP of marketing for Demandware.