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Google has launched its affiliate network in the UK.

Google has launched its affiliate network in the UK.
Tuesday April 10 2012

Advertisers will be able to sign up partner businesses to sell their services or products online, and be paid for every tangible result they achieve with their ads.

The service combines a number of different features already offered by Google for its display and paid search advertising clients. Anyone with an existing Google Adsense account can link this to their affiliate channels, but the big benefits are likely to be a little further down the road, as full capability to use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is introduced.

The ability to measure a number of user actions, such as video views and telephone calls generated, is also available to advertisers.

But for once, some observers believe Google has its work cut out in convincing British businesses that it can help them develop their affiliate selling programmes.

The UK already boasts a highly developed affiliate sales and marketing network, but a few commentators have said that Google's presence in the sector should help all businesses using an affiliate business model to gain greater credibility.