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Almost half of Brits have 'liked' a firm on Facebook

Almost half of Brits have 'liked' a firm on Facebook
Tuesday April 10 2012

'Liking' brands on Facebook is becoming increasingly common among the British online community, with a new report suggesting that 45 per cent of people have responded to a company or a brand in this way.

The Social Profile UK report by interactive marketing software provider ExactTarget, examined how people interact with businesses using email and social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, a quarter of those who admitted to having 'liked' a brand said it would make them more likely to buy that product, or from that company in future.

Email marketing messages are also increasingly hitting their targets, with nearly half of people again (46 per cent) saying they had bought something in direct response to an email message.

“UK consumers expect more from brands than ever before as they turn to email, Facebook and Twitter for exclusive content, special offers and unique experiences,” said Tim Kopp, ExactTarget’s chief marketing officer.

“Agile marketers who can drive interaction across online channels and build consumer engagement have a clear advantage,” he added.