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EMOTA calls for EU to 'harmonise' ecommerce rules

EMOTA calls for EU to 'harmonise' ecommerce rules
Monday April 16 2012

The European Multi-Channel and Online Trade Association (EMOTA) has called on the EU to "harmonise" the rules regarding ecommerce.

Susanne Czech, secretary general of EMOTA, said that currently the rules governing businesses and the technical requirements needed for ecommerce are "quite different" between countries to better enable cross-border trading.

She also says that regarding the differing quality of services across the EU, where competitive delivery markets and flexible options are available, ecommerce is able to function more effectively.

Ms Czech said: "The EU should harmonise the rules that apply to online businesses, because they are so keen on cross-border trading.

"The rules that apply to countries are quite different and the IT and technical requirements are different."

EMOTA has previously talked about the trend towards "multi-channelling", where consumers look for products in-store and then buy online and vice versa.

However, in conservative European countries where there is a lack of flexibility with physical retail opening hours, ecommerce is the favoured option.