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Mobile 'more effective when used over entire business'

Mobile 'more effective when used over entire business'
Wednesday August 17 2011

Mobile marketing is best used across entire businesses rather than focusing on one particular function.

This is according to Rob Thurner, mobile consultant and digital trainer at the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, who argued that companies could acquire more customers by promoting themselves over tablet and phone technology.

He suggested that companies need to "integrate mobile fully into their whole business process".

"Brands fail because they simply try to put mobile into a little box. But it can't be put into a box - it has an all-encompassing role in the consumer's life," the specialist warned.

Instead, Mr Thurner stated that the technology should be used to market firms, complete transactions and interact with consumers.

By using such channels, businesses can acquire a lot of data on their customer base, which could enable them to build a profile of their audience, he added.

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