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50% of customer feedback comes from shoppers that buy instore

Thursday April 19 2012

Half (50%) of online customer feedback comes from those that bought products instore, according to new research.

The findings, from Bazaarvoice’s Conversation Index, are based on more than 11 million pieces of user-generated content created over the past three to six months, also found that these shoppers prove to be less satisfied with the products they purchased than those who buy online.

Bazaarvoice speculates that online customer satisfaction could be higher as shoppers have more access to research, feedback from other consumers and more product options.

Bazaarvoice's report recommends using consumer-focused mobile apps, product labels infused with user generated content and instore kiosks to bridge the information gap to potentially offer greater customer satisfaction.

While Facebook can be a valuable tool for engaging with consumers and getting product feedback, the report found that reviews left on a brand’s site are on average 48% longer than those left on Facebook.

Furthermore, traffic to brand sites directly from Facebook still makes up less than 1% of total site traffic - although the proportion has increased over the past 12 months.

The Conversation Index report found that these social visitors are up to 60% less likely to buy, however those who come to a site from social networks and make a purchase actually spend more money than shoppers who come to a site via Google.

Shoppers from Twitter have the highest average order value – $121.33 – compared to Facebook and Google, the report found.

Social users enjoy social features, so merchants should design them into their site instead of trying to maintain different shopping and social experiences.

Feature external social content on your site through social curation. Make it easy for visitors to post and share without leaving your site, and to log in to site features with their social credentials.”

The report suggests that brands should be aware that 12% of reviews include product suggestions, and these can be used for improving your range of products.