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Sainsbury's to integrate TV adverts and mobile

Sainsbury's to integrate TV adverts and mobile
Tuesday May 1 2012

Grocer to take advantage of the growth in channel integration.

Research has, for example, long established that large sections of the TV audience browse the Internet at the same time as watching TV - but very few TV campaigns have ever really addressed this fact in any meaningful way.

Sainsbury’s are now thought to be making moves into this space by developing a mobile app that recognises its TV ads and uses their content to create vouchers that can be redeemed in-store. Such an app could offer Sainsbury’s the possibility of encouraging users to attend to their TV adverts and then also provide consumers with motivation to make follow-up in-store purchases. If the app succeeds in generating additional sales (and market intelligence), it will provide a very interesting case study of differing media channels reinforcing one another to create a stronger overall message and call-to-action.

In addition, it is also thought that this app may seek to associate an individual’s mobile device to their purchasing history (most likely through a tie-in with Sainsbury’s Nectar reward scheme). This would then potentially allow the device’s GPS to be used in-store to direct consumers to specific offers or promotions (based their previous purchase history). It is not yet certain whether consumers will view such marketing as being helpful or intrusive.

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