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US Mastercard Survey reveals where online shopping can improve

US Mastercard Survey reveals where online shopping can improve
Tuesday May 1 2012

A survey by MasterCard in the US found that entering payment, billing and shipping information is one of the most common sources of frustration for online shoppers.

More than half (58 per cent) of respondents to the poll who regularly buy things on the internet said they would appreciate a single facility that stored their account information and could be accessed quickly, regardless of the site they are shopping on.

Second on the list of topics that concern people purchasing products online was uncertainty about how an item fits or looks in person.

Some 53 per cent of mobile users said they use their handheld device for internet shopping.

Geoff Iddison, group executive for e-commerce and mobile at MasterCard Worldwide, said online and mobile shopping puts a host of new options at consumers' fingertips.

However, he also stressed that companies and individuals selling things online would benefit from improvements to the current checkout process.

"The research shows that consumers want a simpler, faster way to enter account information, so they can spend more time searching for exactly what they want and less time filling out forms at checkout," said Mr Iddison.

According to IMRG, the UK's industry association for e-retail, online sales in Britain are estimated to have reached £68.2bn in 2011.

This figure means the market grew by some 16 per cent during the year, with a further increase of 13 per cent predicted for 2012.

The e-retail sector now accounts for one in six (17 per cent) sales in the UK, while transactions via mobile devices have grown from 0.4 per cent of total online sales to 5.3 per cent in two years

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