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E-commerce businesses predict growth in 2012

E-commerce businesses predict growth in 2012
Thursday September 6 2012

Despite the uncertain economic outlook, many firms have positive growth plans for the coming months.

In its latest study on growth ambitions, IMRG noted that that there are differences between the future plans of e-commerce retailers who function between multi-channels and those who are referred to as "pure play" (online only).

While there isn't much difference between the two in terms of projected growth for the company – 73 per cent of pure plays plan to grow by one to 20 per cent, compared to 79 per cent of multi-channel sellers – pure plays appear to be more cautious overall.

Only four per cent of online only retailers expect a decline in revenues in 2012, but it's something that none of the multi-channel retailer respondents predict.

Plus, only four per cent of pure plays think that they'll enjoy growth of 50 per cent or more this year, compared to ten per cent of their multi-channel rivals.

This could be because of how e-commerce sales played out in 2011, where 15 per cent of pure plays fell short of their target, compared to just 11 per cent of their competitors.