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UK leads the way in European online evolution

UK leads the way in European online evolution
Tuesday May 7 2013

81% of UK adults are now online compared to a European average of 65% according to IAB Europe's Mediascope Europe report. UK internet users spending on average 16.8 hours per week online compared to European average of 14.8 hours.

IAB Europe's 8th Mediascope Europe Report shows that the UK leads the way in terms of online penetration with the number of UK adults online increasing by 11% since 2010 and the number of hours spent online increasing by 17% during the same period.

The report also shows the UK consumer's willingness to connect to the internet using a variety of touchpoints. It confirms for example the widespread adoption of tablets in the UK with one in five (21%) UK adults going online using a tablet compared to an average of just 8% in the rest of Europe. UK adults are also more keen than their European counterparts to go online using using a games console with 21% choosing to do so compared to the European average of just 6%.

The UK population's eagerness to embrace mobile technology was another key theme to emerge from the report with 59% of UK adults owning a smartphone compared to a European average of 44%.

In an encouraging sign for the growing m-commerce industry, UK consumers were found to be far more open to making purchases via their mobile phones than their European counterparts. Some 19% of UK smartphone users had shopped online using a mobile web browser (compared to 11% in Europe) while 21% had shopped via an app (compared to just 9% in Europe).