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Flexible delivery options top online shoppers wish list

Flexible delivery options top online shoppers wish list
Friday July 13 2012

A survey has found that when it comes to shopping online, consumers' expectations vary depending on the type of goods and services that they are after, new research shows.

A recent report from Yuseo of 24,000 e-commerce customers looked at what shoppers thought of as 'must haves' when buying on the internet and receiving deliveries.

When it came to purchasing in the category of 'Food and Grocery', the shoppers expected a high standard of delivery standards, citing the most important factors as flexible hours (72 per cent), quality of the delivery (43 per cent) and low costs (41 per cent).

However, within the 'General Retail' category, respondents strongly expressed a desire for a 'click and collect' option (49 per cent compared to ten per cent in food and grocery shoppers) with low delivery costs also rated highly (47 per cent). Just 27 per cent saw flexible delivery hours as particularly important.