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Actinic Launches SMS Marketing Tool

Friday January 11 2013

Merchants using Actinic's cloud-based ecommerce solution for online retailers, now have access to SMS campaign management for communicating with their customers via their smartphones.

SMS marketing is the perfect complement for Actinic customers who use a mobile-optimised version of their store as an additional shopping channel to help drive traffic and increase customer engagement.

The Actinic SMS marketing tool enables e-tailers to send messages to announce new products and sales promotions to targeted lists of customers.

SMS messages can be sent to specific groups of users. For example you can select shoppers by their language, country whether they have or haven’t placed an order, those that have purchased a particular product or even the amount they have spent.

Simon Armstrong, Actinic’s marketing manager comments, “Regular shoppers become loyal customers and it is up to the e-tailer to offer incentives to entice customers back; in our competitive ecommerce environment, getting repeat orders is considerably easier than trying to attract new customers. The rise in people using smartphones to shop makes text alerts a great way to grab their attention with time-sensitive offers.”

He adds, “By adding SMS marketing to the existing email service included in Actinic packages, it complements other facilities like the mobile-optimised store option, being able to sell on eBay and Amazon marketplaces and via a Facebook page.”